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Treatment Available:
On some specific Diseases and their Symptoms

Our traditional way of Ayurvedic Treatment has cure on many chronic diseases. Definitely the effect of our medicine is slow, but our medicine do not have any side effects. We have many cases of successful result in treatment in many diseases some to mention like Hepatitis (any type); Multiple Sclerosis; any type of Arthritis; many cancerous diseases like Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, and also many cases of tumor and cysts; Metastatic conditions; Immunity etc. Beside these diseases, Ayurvedic treatment can cure almost all other diseases.

Hepatitis | Multiple Sclerosis | Cancer | Arthritis

Hepatitis is one of the most serious diseases now a days.Virus is the main cause of Hepatitis according to the modern medical science. Ayurveda has no idea of viruses as a cause of Hepatitis, however the particular Dosa that is the pathogenic agent of Hepatitis is mentioned clearly to treat and diagnosis in proper way to find out the different conditions of Hepatitis. Modern medical science has catagorised many varieties of Hepatitis like A, B, C, E etc. Hepatitis A and E has jaundice and some other particular symptoms and it is contagious. And Hepatitis B and C has no any symptom, however, they are active in the blood and in future they can damage the liver causing many complications. This is the fear of Hepatitis B or C understood by modern medical science.

Hepatitis related with virus A or E is easily curable with Ayurvedic treatment. This is known to all, however, modern medical science is still under research to counteract the virus. But Hepatitis B and C are very complicated to cure. Ayurveda has good reputation in the treatment of liver diseases. In case the patient of Hepatitis B or C, in advance stage get cirrhosis of the liver or cancer of the liver, they should not loose their confidence for treatment. There are so many Ayurvedic experiences of cure which are recorded in Ayurvedic text.

General treatment consist of medicines for the inflammation of the liver, for anemic condition, general body cleaning medicine, some diuretic medicine along with some other symptomatic treatment.

General Symptoms of Hepatitis:
Sudden high fever chill and sweating, normally for two or three days; bad nausea and vomitting, at the beginning; then the body gradually turns yellow (first in eyes and then in tongue); dark yellow urine; white stool (sometime very dark stool, depending upon the foods eaten); constipation (or diarrhea, if there are parasites); much weakness; dizziness; loss of appetite; loss of weight; pain in the liver (right side under the ribs); uneasiness; depression are the general symptoms of common hepatitis.

Multiple Sclerosis

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis:

Wrong diagnosis and treatment are the main cause of Multiple Sclerosis(MS), because the case of MS, at the beginning , is limited within the symptoms of pathogenic defect of serum.

The cause of pathogenic defect of serum is considered as the undigested greasy foods e.g. oil. peanut butter, milk products (except cheese) etc. It is investigated that the greasy foods eaten during the period when the meal is half digested in the stomach, especially cause the pathogenic defect of serum. Also, during the period of digestion of greasy foods, any hot and cold drinks can be a cause of pathogenic defect of serum.

The drugs and diet which aggravate the function of the nervous system can be the cause of permanent paralysis.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis:

The pathogenic agent of Multiple Sclerosis(MS) when is active in the serum, the patient of MS complains drowziness, sleepy all the time, wearisome, anorexia, fever, bodyache, goose pimples, vomiting, pain in the legs, blurred vision, jerking and especially weakness. These symptoms come and go not even being known what is the cause of them. But the recurrent problem of them is the characteristic to the case of MS. Ayurveda considers that these are the primitive symptoms as MS which are very common during the period of activity of the artery system. It is well investigated that during the developing period of the body ( in general, sixteen to thirty years of age), the artery system becomes more active. It is especially true for women. Therefore, the problem of MS is very commom for women as well as men during the age upto the thirty, some one who is fat and weak does not follow this rule.

The general treatment of MS is based on digestive drugs and medicines for the symptomatic treatment together with drugs to counteract the bodily grease, decrease the body weight, keep balance the bodily system. The pathogenic defect of serum which causes the primitive symptoms of MS can be fixed with the treatment based on the digestive drugs. For the treatment to counteract the bodily grease, some drugs which are bitter, pungent, astringent or dilatory in effect are prescribed. It is very important to pay attention that during the treatment with these drugs, the nervous system should not be aggravated. For that some counteracting drugs which help to restore the balance of the nervous system should be prescribed side by side. Ayurveda points out that the drugs which counteract the bodily grease can aggravate the function of the nervous system. In this condition, the symptom of MS can be worse along with insomnia, severe pain, hot sensation, and permanent damage of paralysed nerves.

The advance stage of MS which is considered as the third stage of MS with the permanent symptom of paralysis is not curable. However it can only be maintained.


Some cancer diseases which have success treatment from our ayurvedic medicines are:

Breast Cancer:
The fundamental cause of breast cancer either benign or malignant is the injury of the epithelium. The physical or traumatic injury of the epithelium results in abnormal branches of blood vessels; in the process of healing of the injury they dry up not even causing any big problem. But, in some condition of pathogenic defect of the muscular tissues and the blood, these abnormal vessels can be active again causing constant impulses in the scar of the injuried epithelial tissues.

The breast by nature is delicate organ. There are many conditions which can be the cause of injury of the breast epithelium. Squeezing in love affair; tight dress on the breast; constant vebration of the breasts as caused by certain type of vehicles or strenous exercise; avoidance of breast feeding right after child birth or during the period of breast feeding while the mammary glands are very active; baby bite (it is common when there is no enough milk secretion); blockage caused by thickness of milk or any abnormal condition of the intercostal veins; problem of the breast abscess; irregular menstruation; depression, mental anxiety or any other condition which cause declining of the breasts etc. are the main causes of injury of the breast's epithelium.

Breast cancer whatever may be the condition and character of it, is common to the age of adult when the mammary glands are active.

The treatment of breast cancer is divided into two different drugs: Drugs for general treatment and Drugs for specific treatment. The general treatment is based on the drugs which subdue the abnormal growth, clean the blood and muscular tissues, restore the balance of the bodily systems, maintain the stamina and heal the ulceration.

The specific treatment depends upon the condition of the breast cancer that is drug for neuralgic condition, drug for hard tumor, drug for lipoma, drug for myoma, drug for angioma, drug for neoplasm developed within the ulcer or wound and drug for adenoma.

Breast Cancer:

Similarly, we have very good successful result in treatment concerning the cases of Prostrate cancer, Liver cancer, Uterus cancer etc.

Prostrate Cancer:
Liver Cancer:

Concerning the case of Metastatic Condition, we have really good medicine to maintain it.


Causes of General Arthritis:

The main cause of general arthritis is the poor blood circulation which is common to the person with nerve natured body type. Ayurveda indicates that the proper function of the artery system regulates and controls the function of the nervous system and the poor function of the artery system aggravates the function of the nervous system. The aggravated or overactive nervous system causes dryness counteracting the bodily grease. In this condition, the synovial mucous membrane which is considered as a lubricating substance of the joints, becomes inactive. That, in fact, is the cause of the problems of general arthritis effecting any weak joints concerned with injury, impact ot constant uses.

Symptoms of General Arthritis:

The main symptoms of general arthritis, in its primary stage, is the mild joint pain with or without swelling. The joint pain will often come and go. It will appear especially in the winter, cold climate, cloudy day, rainy season or in a condition of physical weakness and fever. It is important to pay attention that the joints which are weak in certain condition of injury or constant uses, are often affected in the cse of general arthritis. Constant pain and deformation of the affected joints are the main symptoms of chronic general arthritis.

Spondylitis, scoliosis, arthrosis, lumbago, osteoarthritis etc. are the particular names of general arthritis related with different joints and conditions of them.

In these conditions we also have good medicine. The general treatment of Arthritis is based on the application of oil massage, nerve tonic, general tonic and carminative drugs. The aim of these applications is to increase the blood circulation and to stimulate the nutritive function. an increased blood circulation will supply proper heat in the body which is essencial for the proper functioning of the nervous system. And the active nutritive function restores the proper functioning of the joint's synovial mucous membrane which is very important to keep healthy, the joints.


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